Vacuum conveyor

  1. Dust-free: Vacuum conveyors are designed to be dust-free, ensuring a clean and safe working environment.
  2. Hygienic: Vacuum conveyors are made from food-grade materials and are easy to clean, making them ideal for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries.
  3. Easy to clean: Vacuum conveyors can be quickly and easily disassembled without the need for tools, making cleaning and maintenance easy.
  4. Efficient: Vacuum conveyors can transport materials quickly and efficiently, reducing production times and increasing productivity.
  5. Versatile: Vacuum conveyors can handle a wide range of materials, from powders to granules, making them suitable for a variety of industries and applications.
  6. Safe: Vacuum conveyors use a closed system to transport materials, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring operator safety.
  7. Cost-effective: Vacuum conveyors are a cost-effective solution for bulk material handling, reducing the need for manual labor and increasing efficiency.



Vacuum conveyor are an indispensable tool for handling bulk materials in industries such as pharmaceuticals, food processing, and chemical manufacturing. They utilize a vacuum to transfer small materials, such as powders and granules, between different pieces of equipment or processing stages. Vacuum conveyors are designed to be dust-free, hygienic, and easy to clean. Investing in a vacuum feeding machine can help businesses achieve GMP certification and promote clean and civilized production.

Technical Parameters






Hopper volume



Air pressure






ZKJ-1 1.5 12  



ZKJ-2 2.2 12 200-600
ZKJ-3 3 18 300-1200
ZKJ-4 5.5 40 1200-2500
ZKJ-6 5.5 40 1500-3200
ZKJ-7 7.5 90 3000-6000
ZKJ10-6 7.5 110 3000-6000(10m)
ZKJ20-5 11 300 3000-6000(20m)


vacuum feeder


Food Processing Vacuum Conveying Solutions:

Vacuum conveyors are highly suitable for meeting the requirements of the food industry. Their modular design is suitable for a wide range of bulk materials, and their simple structure allows for easy disassembly without tools for cleaning and filter element replacement. Since most food ingredients are organic and therefore flammable, creating explosive dust, vacuum conveyors provide dust-free transmission for safe and hygienic material handling. Vacuum conveyors are becoming the preferred choice for food processing conveyor systems.

Pharmaceutical Vacuum Conveying Solutions:

Vacuum conveyors are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry for feeding and transferring materials such as refill boxes, initial weighing, mixing, sieving, granulation, compaction, and compression. Vacuum feeders can deliver a mixture without separation, ensuring tight delivery of capsules, pills, and tablets during production. They are modular, hygienic, and easy to disassemble without tools, with compact and lightweight individual parts and components that provide a smooth and gap-free design. Vacuum conveyors are ideal for applications requiring the highest surface quality and the minimum number of connections and gaskets.


Chemical Vacuum Conveying Solutions:

Pneumatic-type Vacuum conveyors transport all types of powder, granular materials, dust, particles, fibers, and more to meet the demanding requirements of chemical transportation and handling. The main features include the ability to transfer the most difficult-to-handle materials, such as hazardous materials, and dense metal powders, in a closed system to improve product and processing environments. The system is completely pneumatically operated with no ignition source, and it is small, light, and quiet with easy installation and operation. Its modular design is easy to clean and optimize for configuration, and mobile systems can transport materials to many processes.

Vacuum feeder

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