Screw conveyor feeder


The Screw conveyor feeder can directly transport the powder or granular materials to the hopper or high-speed mixer, blender, etc. And the contacting part materials of Screw conveyor feeder are made of stainless steel.  During the material transportation process, the raw materials are completely free from contamination, and no foreign matter is brought into the Screw conveyor feeder. It can realize fully enclosed automation in the production process.


Screw Feeder


  1. Easy to installation and can be movable. If multiple mixing machines use the same material, only one screw feeder can supply multiple feeding machines at the same time, eliminating the trouble of manual processing and making the feeding work become Safer, more time-saving, and less labor-intensive.
  2. Reasonable design, easy to operate and maintain, compared with the vacuum feeder, it can avoid the trouble of cleaning the filter frequently.
  3. Adoption international advanced electrical control components and brand-name motors to ensure safe and reliable system operation.
  4. Wide application, screw feeder can be used for powder materials, plastic pellets and powder pellets. It can also be used for the transportation and transportation of powder pellets in pharmaceutical and chemical production processes.


Technical Specification

Model Outer pipe diameter Screw blade diameter Rotation speed Output Inclined angle Power
(mm) (mm) (r/min) (t/h) (degree) (kw)
GX108 108 90 195 2 0°~60° 3~30
GX133 133 115 290 4
GX165 165 140 290 10
GX219 219 190 290 20
GX273 273 240 208 40
GX325 325 290 208 80
GX402 402 365 132 100

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