Lab Test Sieve Shaker


Lab test sieve shaker is a precision instrument, it’s widely used in laboratory and quality inspection department and other test department for particle analysis on size distribution, impurity level, solid content and liquid content. And so on. Laboratory test sieve shaker¬†can ensure accuracy, install time relay, and setting up sieving time, reducing testing error to minimum level, ensure consistency of sample analysis data, and make accurate judgment of product quality.

Advantages and Features

  1. Stable vibrating performance, low noise, small volume, high measuring accuracy, easy to operating.

Technical data

Name Unit SY-200 SY-300
Diameter mm 200 300
Mesh size of sieve mesh 0~600 0~600
Layer layer 1~8 1~8
Vibration frequency t/min 1400 1400
Amplitude mm 1-4 1-4
Motor power kw 0.12 0.12
Motor speed r/min 1400 1400
Dimension size mm 3600*300*470 410*380*650

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