Dust free Bag Dump Station


When the material which are packaged in bags needs to be unloaded into the next process, it only needs to be directly unbagged manually and then put into the system. The material dust generated during feeding is collected by the dust collecting fan. The material through the vibrating screen can intercept the big size material and foreign matter, so as to ensure the qualified finished products get into the next process.

bag dump station


Bag dump station is suitable for unpacking, feeding, sieving and dumping of small bag materials in Food, pharmaceutical, chemical and metallurgical industries. Especially suitable for powder material manual feeding and Preliminary sieving, the dust collecting system ensure the no dust flying.

Technical  Parameter

Model Sieving


Power (kW) Speed (rpm) Dynamic loading Static loading Exciting force


Air flow(m3/h) Air pressure


KP-800 0.42 2×0.18 1460 800N 1500N 2.5×2 1550-997 1217-1641
KP-1000 0.64 2×0.25 1460 500N 2500N 5×2 1550-997 1217-1641

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