Solution for Screening Soybean Flour and Soybean Milk Powder


What is the difference between the screening of soybean flour and soybean milk powder? Come with me to get their respective screening solution!

Ⅰ. Screening of soybean flour and soybean milk powder

Soybean flour
Soybean flour
  • Soybean flour: Soybean flour is the powder made from ground and processed soybeans. Usually, soybean flour is a finished product that has been processed and is used to make tofu, soybean milk, soybean milk noodles and other products.
  • Screening purpose: The purpose of screening soybean flour is usually to control particle size and ensure product consistency, quality and taste to meet specific product specifications.
  • Screening process parameters: Sifting soybean flour usually requires a finer sieve mesh to ensure that the particle size is within the product specification.
Soybean milk powder
  • Soybean milk powder: Soybean milk powder is the powder made by spray-drying soybean milk. It is converted from liquid soybean milk, often requiring additional processing steps.
  • Screening purpose: The sieving of soybean milk powder is mainly to remove large particles in order to obtain a finer powder that can be re-suspended in water to prepare soybean milk. This helps to improve the solubility and taste of soybean milk.
  • Screening process parameters: The screening of soybean milk powder usually does not require such high screening accuracy, because the goal is to remove larger particles to improve the solubility of soybean milk.

Ⅱ. The screening solution

The screening solution for soybean flour and soybean milk powder should be based on factors such as your production scale, screening accuracy requirements, and budget. While, here are some common types of screening equipment we recommend:

Product case:
Screening purpose: to remove impurities from soybean milk powder
Selected model: Rotary vibrating screen KP1500-1S
Mesh size: 20 mesh
Capacity: 1-2 t/h

1. Rotary vibrating screen:

Application: Suitable for the screening of soybean flour and soybean milk powder, which can achieve efficient particle separation.

Advantages: High screening efficiency, easy to change the screen mesh, with bouncing balls to prevent mesh clogging, and also easy maintenance, low noise.

2. Centrifugal screen:

Application: Suitable for the screening of fine powder, such as soybean milk powder.

Advantages: High precision screening, suitable for fine powder, and also can remove light impurities.

3. Tumbler screen:

Application: Suitable for preliminary screening and grading of soybean flour.

Advantages: long service life, not damage the material structure, no dust flying; and also high screening efficiency, low noise.

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