Centrifugal sifter

  1. Small size, light weight, steady and no vibration, no noise, good sealing performance, dust free, high efficiency.
  2. Can single machine or multi-machine to use, long time continuous operation, safe and reliable.
  3. There is a re-fragmentation function for the lumped material.
  4. The screen is washed by the cyclone and can be automatically cleaned.
  5. Centrifugal sifter design principles, more suitable for screening of ultra-light, multi-fiber material.
  6. Centrifugal sifter clean conveniently, suitable for many varieties of small batch screening, to avoid cross-contamination caused by mixing.


The sifter holder is placed inside the machine. Bulk materials mixed with airflow and atomization passed the screw conveyor device, enter the sifter holder. The undersize materials are sprayed through the screen cloth and discharged from the outlet under the action of centrifugal force and the cyclone propelling power, which caused by the blade inside the net tube. The oversize material, which cannot cross the screen cloth, is discharged from the rough material outlet along the inside surface of the tube.

Centrifugal sifter separator is special for light and sticky material screening, such as mica powder, milk powder,etc.

Technical Parameters

Model Gas flow Screen mesh


Cylindrical screen size Spindle speed





KPQ18-65 240 0-325 180×650 40-1450 1.5
KPQ30-100 300 300×1000 3
KPQ50-130 460 500×1300 4

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