Ultrasonic Round Vibrating Screen


Ultrasonic round vibrating screen is a new vibrating sieve machine combining ultrasonic generator and round separator, in addition to three-dimensional round separator itself, Ultrasonic round separator overlaps ultrasonic vibrating on the screen surface, which effectively solves the materials difficult to screen, such as: various high electrostatic, superfine, strong adsorption, easily aggregated, light relative density materials. Ultrasonic round separator not only avoids to block the screening mesh but also increases the screening capacity and accuracy, achieving the purpose of fast screening and cleaning.

Advantages and Features

  1. Fine sieving of sticky and difficult materials
  2. Saving time for cleaning screen.
  3. Eliminating the pollution of bouncing balls to materials.
  4. Keeping screen mesh size & stabilizing sieving precision.
  5. disintegrating adhesive materials, reducing the coarse materials
  6. Decreasing sieving times.

Technical data

Model Effective diameter
Effective area
Mesh size


Layers Power
CZS600 Φ540 0.2289 100~500 1-5 0.37
CZS800 Φ730 0.4183 0.55
CZS1000 Φ900 0.6359 1.1
CZS1200 Φ1100 0.9499 1.1
CZS1500 Φ1400 1.5386 1-4 1.5

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