Trommel Screen


Trommel screen’s main structure is cylindrical drum, which is inclined and installed on the frame. The geared motor is connected to the drum device through a coupling, the driving drum will rotate around the axis direction. When the materials enters the drum device, due to the tilt and rotation of the drum device, the materials on the screen surface is overturned and rolled so that the fine material is discharged through the discharge port at the bottom of the back end of the drum of trommel screen, and the coarse material is discharged through the discharge port at the tail of the drum discharge. As the material in the drum devise flip, rolling, so the materials stuck in the sieve can be ejected to prevent the sieve blocking.


  1. Mesh is not easy to block, automatic cleaning brush on the top of trommel screen to avoid the blockage.
  2. Smooth operation, low noise.
  3. High screening efficiency, Large screening capacity
  4. Simple structure, easy maintenance.
  5. Sieve drum can be closed, easy to close the dust collection.
  6. Convenient maintenance, the upper hood is removable.


YTS trommel screen are always used for refractory materials, inferior coal, coal slime, bottom ash,sand classification, sandstone block classification.

Technical parameters

Model Segments of

screen mesh

Mesh size




Inclination Rotating speed




Overall dimension
YTS600 1-3 5-35 2.2-3 20 10 5400*1150*1200
YTS800 1-3 5-40 2.2-5.5 18 14 5600*1300*1500
YTS1000 1-4 5-45 3-7.5 16 16 7400*1400*2240
YTS1200 1-4 5-50 4-11 15 20 9480*1580*3400
YTS1500 1-4 5-55 4-15 12 23 9700*1860*3700
YTS2000 1-5 5-60 11-18.5 8 45 1100*2400*4500

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