Rectangular Vibrating Screen


The whole machine transportation, can operate directly after connecting the power


linear vibrating screen

Rectangular vibrating screen is a kind of closed and light weight vibrating sieve equipment, it uses a vibration motor as the vibration source, which make the material jump in straight line on the screen surface, material evenly go into the feed port of linear vibrating screen from the feeding machine, generating multiple materials through the multilayer rectangular vibrating screen and be discharged from each outlets.


linear vibrating screen

Advantages and Features

  1. Low energy consumption, high efficiency,
  2. Simple structure, easy to maintenance
  3. Full closed structure, no dust flying
  4. Sieving accuracy reach to 400 mesh, 6 layers

Working principle

Rectangular vibrating screen adopt twin vibrating exciters driving, when the two exciters rotated synchronously or reversed, the exciting force from the eccentric blocks will cancel each other on the direction of parallel to the motor axis, but stacking into a force on the direction of perpendicular to motor shaft, so the materials’ movement is one straight line. There is one inclination between the axial direction of two motors and screening surface, under the action of exciting force and the gravity force of the material, the materials are thrown up on the screen of Rectangular separator, jumps and moves forward in a straight line, achieving the sieving and classification purpose.

Technical data

Model Size of screen surface Number of layers of screen Mesh size Number of vibration amplitude Motor power
ZS520 500*2000 1-6 2-400 mesh 960r/min 4-8 2×0.4
ZS825 800×2500 1-6 2×(0.4-0.75)
ZS1020 1000×2000 1-6 2×(0.75-1.5)
ZS1030 1000×3000 1-6 2×(0.75-1.5)
ZS1230 1200×3000 1-6 2×(0.75-3)
ZS1530 1500×3000 1-6 2×(0.75-3)
ZS1540 1500×4000 1-6 2×(0.75-3)


We need further information before designing

Raw materials name : (       )

Raw materials state : 1. Powder   2. Granule  3. Liquid

Mesh size of screening : (      )

Size distribution :(      )

Screening capacity : (      )

Inlet port size : (      )  Height above ground : (      )

Outlet port size: (      ) Height above ground : (      )

Voltage : (      ) v      Frequency : (      ) hz

Other special requirements : (          )

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