Rectangular Vibrating Screen


The whole machine transportation, can operate directly after connecting the power


linear vibrating screen

The Rectangular Vibrating Screen is a commonly used screening device that can be used to screen and separate various particles, powders, and liquids. It achieves screening and separation by applying vibration and gravity to the screen mesh, causing the material to produce small jumping movements on the screen.


linear vibrating screen

Advantages and Features

1. Energy-efficient operation
The high-quality of the linear vibrating screen ensures efficient and accurate screening and separation of materials.
2. Efficient material separation
The easy maintenance design of the screen reduces the need for specialized expertise and minimizes downtime for cleaning and repairs.
3. Easy to maintain
The durable construction of the linear vibrating screen ensures long-lasting performance and minimal downtime for maintenance and repairs.
4. Customizable deck configurations
The number (1-6) and configuration of decks can be customized to suit different applications and material requirements.


Working principle

The material to be screened is placed in the screen box, and the vibration motor is turned on to generate high-frequency vibration, causing the material to jump on the screen mesh. Smaller particles or liquids can pass through the screen mesh and enter the next stage of processing, while larger particles are trapped on the screen mesh, achieving the desired screening and separation effect.

Technical data

Model Size of screen surface Number of layers of screen Mesh size Number of vibration amplitude Motor power
ZS520 500*2000 1-6 2-400 mesh 960r/min 4-8 2×0.4
ZS825 800×2500 1-6 2×(0.4-0.75)
ZS1020 1000×2000 1-6 2×(0.75-1.5)
ZS1030 1000×3000 1-6 2×(0.75-1.5)
ZS1230 1200×3000 1-6 2×(0.75-3)
ZS1530 1500×3000 1-6 2×(0.75-3)
ZS1540 1500×4000 1-6 2×(0.75-3)


We need further information before designing

Raw materials name : (       )

Raw materials state : 1. Powder   2. Granule  3. Liquid

Mesh size of screening : (      )

Size distribution :(      )

Screening capacity : (      )

Inlet port size : (      )  Height above ground : (      )

Outlet port size: (      ) Height above ground : (      )

Voltage : (      ) v      Frequency : (      ) hz

Other special requirements : (          )

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