Intermediate Bulk Container

The mobile Intermediate Bulk Container is one of the most cost effective and ideal types of packaging for shipping and storing dry bulk products. Usually called container bucket. The specifications are 820L, 1000L, 1250L, and the IBC container can be reused many times. The advantages reflected in filling, storage, transportation and transportation can significantly reduce the cost. Compared to the drum, the IBC container can save 35% of storage space. Its dimensions are in accordance with ISO standards and are easy to operate. Static empty cans can be stacked in four layers and transported in any conventional manner.


Technical Parameter

Technical Parameter
Silo wall thickness 6mm,10mm
Material SS304,SS316L
Capacity 100L-2000L
Stacked ability Can be stacked in two layers
Move method Hydraulic trucks, forklifts, pulleys

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