A Successful Visit of Our Vibrating Feeder from Russian Client

We had a meeting with our Russian client

We were happy to host our customer from Russia this Wednesday as he visited our factory. The main purpose of their visit was to gain insights into our factory and vibrating feeder and vibrating screen equipment.

He visited our factory

During their visit, our clients had the opportunity to witness firsthand our processing equipment, production technology and test room of our products. They had a close understanding of the structure, appearance, surface treatment, materials, etc. of our vibrating feeder and vibrating screen equipment.

Tubular vibrating feeder

The visit provided an invaluable opportunity for knowledge exchange and relationship-building, allowing us to get to know each other better. It was a collaborative effort aimed at fostering stronger partnerships and exploring opportunities for mutual growth and development.

Vibrating screen

We are grateful for the opportunity to showcase our capabilities to our Russian clients and look forward to further collaboration in the future. We are confident that this experience will pave the way for enhanced collaboration and mutual growth in the future, as we continue to expand our presence in global markets.

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