DZC vertical vibration elevator


DZC vertical vibration elevator adopts vibrating motor as the vibration source and utilizes the synthetic amplitude of the two vibration motors to convey the material along screw trough. DZC vertical vibration elevator is mainly used to lift the granular, powdery and block materials. The elevator has the features of simple structure, easy maintenance, quantitative output of materials and continuously adjustable conveying amount, which can be used to vertical convey the granular materials in all industries. In addition to lifting the material from bottom to up, it can also complete the drying and cooling of the material. There are open type and closed type structure, according to the requirements of different processes, we can design screening elevator for material particle grading and elevator for inflammable and explosive materials. DZC vertical vibration elevator is widely used in chemical, rubber, plastic, pharmaceutical, light industry, food, metallurgy, building materials, mining, grain, etc..

Working Principle

DZC vertical vibration elevator is composed of lifting groove, two vibration motor, vibration damping system and base. This series of elevator uses vibration motor as the vibration source. The center lines of two vibration motors of the same type fixed on the lifting groove are installed at a certain angle and rotate in the opposite direction. The component of the centrifugal force generated by the eccentric block of the vibration motor reciprocates in the throwing direction at each momentary position of the rotation, so that the entire body supported on the damper vibrates continuously, and moving the material up while being thrown up in the lifting trough, and after the material falls into the feeding trough, it starts to be thrown up, at the same time, the material can be fully contacted with the air, it can also plays the role of heat dissipation and cooling.


  1. Small footprint, simple structure and reasonable.
  2. Low power consumption, low noise and convenient maintenance.
  3. The material is cooling while it is being lifted.

Technical data

Model Conveying capacity


Conveying trough diameter


Conveying width


Conveying height


Vibration time


Double amplitude


Power of electric machinery




DZC300 ~1.0 300 77 ≤2.0  




6~7 2×0.4 680
DZC500 ~2.0 500 140 ≤3.0 6~8 2×0.75 1010
DZC550 ~3.0 550 152 ≤3.5 6~8 2×1.5 1190
DZC600 ~3.0 600 163 ≤4.0 6~7 2×1.5 13210
DZC800 ~4.0 800 224 ≤4.5 6~8 2×2.2 1590
DZC850 ~4.0 850 224 ≤5.0 6~9 2×2.2 1750
DZC900 ~3.5 900 185 ≤6.0 6~9 2×3.0 2100

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