Custom linear vibration sieve for herbal products

custom linear vibrating screen
Custom linear vibrating screen

Last week, we just produced a custom 3 layers linear vibration sieve for screening dried leaves and flowers in herbal products. It is exported to Bulgaria.

3-layer linear vibrating sifter

Before ordering, the customer asked his friends in China to visit our factory. They toured our factory and machines by video call. The customer was satisfied with our machines and placed an order immediately.

Custom inlet

This linear vibrating screen is used for separating the leaves from the stems and sieving them. We chose circular punching screen mesh with more durable. There is an outlet at the cover to connect the dust collector. It is used to remove dust during the screening process. The feed inlet is customized to the customer's request for a larger inlet so that it can be connected to his production line.


We offer fully customizable linear vibration sieve to meet your specific material separation needs. We warmly welcome friends from all over the worlds to our company. And we look forward to sincere cooperation and mutually beneficial development with you.

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