how to solve the abnormal noise of vibrating screen in use?


The vibrating screen is driven by the excitation force. A certain amount of sound is normal during the operation, whether there is a problem with the vibrating screen by the sound? When the shaker is working, once abnormal sound occurs, the operator must stop the machine immediately for inspection.

In order to avoid such problems, we can regularly check the vibrating screen.

  1. Firstly, the transportation support must be removed before starting the machine.
  2. The vibrating screen shall be placed on the flat ground (rubber board can be added to the base).
  3. Check whether the bolts of the vibration motor are fastened and tighten them regularly.
  4. The outlets of the machine shall be connected with flexible or cloth bag.
  5. Regularly check the bearing and replace it if damaged.
  6. Check whether the bundle ring bolts are locked.
  7. Check whether the vibrating screen spring falls off or is damaged, and reset or replace it in time.
Linear vibrating screen
Round rotary vibrating screen

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