Customized Screening, Conveying and Dust Collection System by Karp Machinery


-Integrated use of vacuum conveyor, vibrating screens and dust collectors

In recent developments, we have tailored a sophisticated screening, conveying, and dust removal system for our client. This innovative system is designed for the screening and conveying of food powders,  all machines are made of stainless steel, addressing needs in food processing industries.

The production of food powders often faces hurdles such as contamination from impurities during the feeding process, clumping that compromises product quality, and dust pollution, which pose significant concerns for manufacturers striving to maintain high standards of hygiene and safety. This is precisely why our client have turned to us for assistance.

Seamless Material Handling:

The journey begins with our vacuum conveyor seamlessly transporting raw material from the buffer silo to the straight-line vibrating screen. This automated process minimizes manual intervention, ensuring consistent and uninterrupted material flow. Equipped with a bottom adapter and top observation port, the buffer silo facilitates easy monitoring, enhancing operational transparency.

Precision Screening and Decontamination:

Upon reaching the In-line vibrating screen, the material undergoes meticulous screening and decontamination to eliminate impurities and contaminants. This rigorous process guarantees uncompromised product quality and purity, meeting stringent industry standards and regulatory requirements.

Environmentally Friendly :

The system incorporates vacuum conveyor and dust collector for sealed conveyance to minimize dust emissions and promote environmental sustainability. By maintaining an airtight environment, it ensures workplace safety and regulatory compliance while creating a friendly working environment for personnel.

At Karp Machinery, we are committed to delivering innovative solutions that improve food powder processing. Our custom-designed screening, conveying, and dust removal system exemplify efficiency, reliability, and sustainability, empowering businesses to elevate their production capabilities and meet the demands of the modern food industry.

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