Saudi gyratory sifter for calcium carbonate screening


Gyratory sifter for calcium carbonate screening.

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  • Silica sand screening production line

    Gyratory sifter due to the large screening output, high screening precision, the numbers of customers increased 150% over last year. And the numbers come to our factory to test their materials greatly increased too, in order to facilitate to receive the customers and let the customers understand the process well, we established new and small…

  • Delivery of 6 sets Gyratory sifters for silica sand screening

    FYBS2036 Four layers Gyratory sifter for silica sand screening, The output is up to 25-30 t/h.

  • Shipment of gyratory sifter for calcium carbonate screening

    One gyratory sifter can replace multiple vibrating screens of the same power, which is used in occasions that require high production efficiency and screening accuracy. 16 sets of FYBS1836 three-layer screen double gyratory sifter are used for calcium carbonate screening. Factory inspection and test run are normal .